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Mitchell Beazley

How To Make The Best Coffee At Home

How To Make The Best Coffee At Home

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World-leading coffee expert and best-selling author of The World Atlas of Coffee shows you how to make barista-level coffee at home.

We all expect to be able to buy an excellent cup of coffee from the many brilliant coffee shops available. But what about the coffee we make at home? Shouldn't that be just as good? 

James Hoffmann is an entrepreneur and the international name in coffee, combining expert-level knowledge with a wonderful ability to communicate it. James runs Square Mile Coffee, as well as creating extremely informative, and popular, coffee and equipment reviews for his YouTube and Instagram channels.

In his latest book he demonstrates everything you need to know to make consistently excellent coffee at home, including:

  • What equipment is worth buying, and what isn't;
  • How to grind coffee; the basics of brewing for all major equipment (cloth filters, cafetiere, aeropress, stovetop etc);
  • Understanding coffee drinks, from the cortado to latte
  • The perfect espresso.

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