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Authentic Costa Rican Cloth Coffee Filters - Large

Authentic Costa Rican Cloth Coffee Filters - Large

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Brew rich, smooth Costa Rican coffee with this set of 3 large authentic cloth cotton coffee filters. Expertly made, the high-quality bleached cloth filter fits perfectly into a wooden chorreador stand to strain your fresh coarse grounds. Its ultra-fine yet durable weave allows for excellent water flow control, efficiently filtering fine coffee particles to produce a cleaner cup.

Made from closely woven cotton excellent at trapping sediment, it will provide years of great service. Remove and wash periodically for easy reuse. The chorreador produces wonderfully aromatic coffee, capturing volatile compounds in the brewed liquid.

Brew after beloved brew, you’ll taste the chorreador difference versus paper filters - richer body with less acidity and no paper or cardboard flavors leaching out. Experience an integral piece of Costa Rica's coffee tradition with this chorreador cotton filter.

About The Cloth Coffee Filter

  • 100% UNBLEACHED COTTON FILTER: This cotton cloth filter uniquely allows the coffee's natural oils to permeate (which other fabrics tend to trap), resulting in a rich, full-bodied beverage with a smooth texture.
  • REUSEABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Our coffee filter is reusable, eliminating the need for disposable paper filters, saving money and reducing environmental waste. It is an ideal choice for coffee lovers who care about the environment.
  • TRADITION: In Costa Rica, a "Café Chorreado" refers to a cup of coffee made using our time-honored brewing technique: the "Chorreador de Café Costa Rica." This method utilizes a pour-over coffee stand, typically crafted from wood, which supports a flannel or cotton filter known as a "bolsita," acting as the coffee strainer.
  • LARGER SIZE: Made for those looking to make more then just 1 cup, this cloth filer is 3.5 inch wire base and is 6 inches long.

What's Included

3 Large Cloth Filters




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