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Reuseable Cloth Coffee Filters - Standard Size

Reuseable Cloth Coffee Filters - Standard Size

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Make delicious, smooth coffee using this trio of standard-sized authentic cotton cloth coffee filters. These expertly crafted, high-quality cloth filters are designed to fit seamlessly into a wooden chorreador stand, perfectly straining your fresh,medium fine coffee grounds. Their fine yet strong weave ensures superior water flow control, effectively sifting through fine coffee particles for a purer brew.

Constructed from densely woven cotton, these filters promise long-lasting performance. They are easily removable and washable for convenient reuse. The chorreador method produces exquisitely aromatic coffee, retaining the essential volatile compounds in your brew.

With each use, you'll notice the distinctive difference of the chorreador compared to paper filters — a fuller body, reduced acidity, and the absence of any paper or cardboard taste. Embrace a vital part of Costa Rica's coffee culture with these durable chorreador cotton filters.

About The Cloth Coffee Filter

  • 100% UNBLEACHED COTTON FILTER: This cotton cloth filter uniquely allows the coffee's natural oils to permeate (which other fabrics tend to trap), resulting in a rich, full-bodied beverage with a smooth texture.
  • REUSEABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Our coffee filter is reusable, eliminating the need for disposable paper filters, saving money and reducing environmental waste. It is an ideal choice for coffee lovers who care about the environment.
  • TRADITION: In Costa Rica, a "Café Chorreado" refers to a cup of coffee made using our time-honored brewing technique: the "Chorreador de Café Costa Rica." This method utilizes a pour-over coffee stand, typically crafted from wood, which supports a flannel or cotton filter known as a "bolsita," acting as the coffee strainer.
  • STANDARD SIZE: Made for those looking to make just a cup or 2, this cloth coffee filter has a 3.5-inch wire base and is 5 inches long.

What's Included

3 Standard Cloth Coffee Filters



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