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Costa Rica Single-Origin Whole Coffee Beans

Costa Rica Single-Origin Whole Coffee Beans

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Grown in the mountains of Tarrazú in southeast Costa Rica, this delicious single-origin coffee is smooth, full-bodied, and packed with a rich, unique flavor making this one of the most popular coffees in the world.


  • A taste of Costa Rica; From the mountains of Tarrazu, our Costa Rica single origin craft coffee brings to you the unique taste of Costa Rica; Fresh and roasted, these coffee beans deliver a smooth, rich taste that makes it a popular flavor choice
  • Artisan roasted coffee beans; Carefully selected coffee beans roasted in small batches so you get fresh coffee; Each bag is packaged in resealable bags to maintain freshness
  • Whole bean coffee and ground coffee; Our ground coffee is suited for use in auto drip machines; Grind the whole beans to the required coarseness for french press, pour over or cold brew methods
  • Vegan and keto friendly; Enjoy our flavored coffee without the guilt; Our gourmet coffee is keto and vegan friendly and dairy free with no added sugar or carbs
  • Fresh arabica beans; Our Brazilian coffee beans are ethically sourced and each batch is roasted fresh daily; Our medium roast arabica coffee gives you a smooth flavor with low acidity, sweet aroma and unique taste


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