About Cafe Tico

Costa Rica Coffee with Dessert

Cafe Tico is a Costa Rican company founded by two brothers who work with designers from a great Family tradition of woodworking. Along with small local workshops and artisans, we offer Costa Rica Coffee brewers and accessories

Our products focus on sustainable manufacturing practices that help maintain local traditions and contribute to the development of the artisanal sector.

By collaborating with small local workshops, Cafe Tico aims to sustain traditional practices while contributing to the development of the artisanal sector through ethically driven projects.

The Production Process

At Cafe Tico, we focus on sustainable practices that maintain Costa Rica's artisanal heritage. Our production process partners with local woodworkers to handcraft goods of the highest quality.

We ethically source FSC-certified plantation timber to minimize environmental impact. By working closely with our artisans, we're able to adapt our agile process to each client's specific needs and bring our custom designs to life.

Our Values


At Cafe Tico, sustainability is a core value. We only use plantation-grown wood that adheres to responsible forestry practices. Our production methods are designed to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Ethical Approach

From day one, Cafe Tico has exclusively partnered with small workshops and artisans to bring our designs to life. We're proud to collaborate with communities in Costa Rica to showcase their exquisite craft.

High Quality

Our commitment to working only with highly-skilled artisans means every product we offer is carefully hand-made to the utmost quality. From our Costa Rican chorreador coffee makers to custom coffee products, we stand behind our products' exceptional craftsmanship.

Our Offerings

In addition to our signature chorreador coffee makers that exemplify Costa Rica's iconic brewing traditions we offer a variety of coffee brewing products from Costa Rica coffee to the traditional cloth coffee filters.. 

Bringing the Tico Touch Worldwide

At Cafe Tico, we take pride in sharing the singular beauty of Costa Rican design and craftsmanship with clients across the globe. Our pieces carry a touch of pura vida spirit in every detail.