5 Reasons To Use a Cloth Filter for Pour Over Coffee

5 Reasons To Use a Cloth Filter for Pour Over Coffee

The chorreador, is a pour over coffee brewer used throughout Latin America. Originating in Costa Rica in the 19th century, the chorreador makes coffee by pouring hot water over ground coffee beans held in a cone-shaped cloth filter.

The use of cloth filters sets the chorreador apart from other manual coffee brewers.

The filters are typically made from tightly woven cotton or linen. When hot water passes through the grounds, the cloth filter allows the coffee to flow through while trapping the grinding particles. 

So, why does the chorreador use a cloth filter? Let's look at 5 of the top reasons:

1. Flavor

Cloth filters allow more coffee oils and microscopic grounds to pass through compared to paper filters. This results in a fuller, richer tasting cup of coffee. The oils impart flavor while the fine grounds provide texture. Paper filters absorb more of these coffee elements, yielding a cleaner yet less intense brew.

2. Cost

Cloth filters are inexpensive, reusable and durable. The chorreador's filters can be used repeatedly for years with proper care. Paper filters, on the other hand, are disposable and an ongoing expense. For regions where chorreadors are popular, the reusable cloth filter provides an affordable and sustainable option.

3. Availability

In rural Latin American communities, cloth may be more readily available than paper filters. Cotton and linen fabrics are produced in many areas. Locals can easily sew cone-shaped filters to use in chorreadors, even if manufactured paper filters are hard to come by.

4. Tradition

The signature cloth filter is deeply ingrained in the chorreador's heritage and tradition. For generations, Latin Americans have used chorreadors with woven cotton or linen filters. The visual of the cloth cone is distinctive and familiar. Maintaining this traditional element provides cultural familiarity and continuity.

5. Easy to Use

Cloth filters effectively strain grounds while allowing easy, unfettered coffee flow. The material does not fall apart or allow grounds to escape. Users simply wash and air dry the filters between uses. Paper could clog chorreadors, requiring more effort to brew.


The chorreador pour over coffee makers use cloth filters primarily for their positive flavor impact, affordability and reusability. The simple yet effective cloth filter is an iconic aspect of this cherished Latin American brewing method.

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